HBC Radio Controls

HBC-radiomatic has been synonymous with outstanding quality for more than 60 years. Today HBC particularly proud of our enormous depth of production on our own premises. Over 90 percent of the components for HBC radio controls are produced at the company’s own factory in Crailsheim. From assembly to injection moulding production to the CNC machining of plastic components, as well as printed circuit board design and production and the final assembly of the systems – we keep all aspects of quality in control at any time!

Built to EXTREMELY tight tolerances our radio controls are immune to outside frequency interference to ensure your project is completed on-time, and in a safe manner.

HBC controls have been used for:

  • EOT Cranes
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Truck Mounted cranes
  • Bulldozers
  • Concrete Pump Machinery

HBC radio controls ensure operational safety and efficiency for the control of lifting and conveyor systems. At the same time, our radio controls offer optimum ease of operation. The user can move freely and safely and intervene if needed – inconvenient cables are a thing of the past!

Technos 2

The ergonomic design with color display and extra-large equipment.

Radiomatic Pilot

Crane control by hand movements.

FSE 516

Flexible, sturdy, efficient.16 black / white commands + E-STOP + infrared relay.

FSE 726 radiobus

The compact receiver with flexcard technology.