High Security Products

CIEC is the only UK test laboratory to offer the complete range of security barrier impact test.

We can conduct vehicle impact test to the following standards:

  • Full range of PAS 68 requirements (1.5 – 40 tonnes)
  • ASTM F2656: Standard test method for vehicle crash testing of perimeter barriers
  • US Department of State Crash Testing rating: SD-STD-02-01

With a 30,000m2 test site there is scope for extensive product installation and we also offer a service to manage product installation and the supply of test vehicles.

To support a product manufacturer with the development of security products, CIEC has developed a fleet of computer simulation vehicles and is able to simulate and accurately predict the performance of new product designs or design modifications made to existing products. Simulation is a very cost effective way to understand the extent of the product's performance capability within the product classification system, without incurring the costs associated with full-scale development tests.

CIEC has conducted hundreds of security barrier tests and conducts research into the impact performance of products. Our experienced staff can, therefore, provide advice and guidance on all related topics including product design, installation and testing.