High Security Products / Arm Barriers

The innovative technology in the boom design allows faster operation for high traffic applications, and the protection of wider apertures on demanding Industrial and Military sites. Uniquely for this crash rating, the tested product has a 6m clear opening but this can be extended even further, albeit with a slightly larger penetration distance.

The design also allows quick boom replacement. Since only the sacrificial arm was damaged and this is designed to be replaced within 20 minutes, so long as a spare boom is kept on site there is no longer a need for prolonged closure of a site entrance following an inadvertent barrier impact with this product.

The 941 barrier continues Broughton Controls programme of producing advanced and intelligent solutions to High Security site protection requirements.

The easily replaced high impact 'composite cassette' boom, coupled with the ability to cater for road widths in excess of 6m, along with a shallow a foundation requirement mean the 941 barrier is ideal not only for new applications, but also for many existing sites which can benefit from greatly increased levels of security, while maintaining existing road layouts and operating systems.