This type of weighbridge sits higher than of the paved surface and needs ramps on either finish to permit the vehicles to access the platform. the amount of civil foundations work required is reduced for surface mounted scales, however the general space requirement is additional. Before purchasing, check the overall height of the ‘Weighbridge’. Higher decks want longer ramps, that increase the general footprint of the weighbridge as well as the turning circle for vehicles approaching the bridge. Generally surface mounted weighbridges need guide rails mounted on the edges of the platform, that facilitate vehicles to be aligned centrally on the bridge.

This type of installation is healthier suited once the bridge might have to be shifted, or for temporary (sometimes stated as ‘portable’) installations. In most cases the positioning conditions, like convenience of house, can dictate the kind of weighing machine on the market to you. every surface and pit mounted weighbridges need a firm surface with load bearing capability, the small print of which is ready to be laid out in the ‘Plan of Foundation’ drawings provided by the weighing machine supplier. It may be advantageous to settle on a weighing machine that incorporates a common structural style for surface and pit mounting, this may permit future flexibility for dynamical the sort of weighing machine.


  • Designed for heavy weighment & harsh environment
  • Each & Every parts are dismantle for easy transportation and installation
  • Load cell assembly is designed and manufactured very precisely to absorb excessive impact force caused when vehicle enters & leave the weighbridge
  • All load cells are mounted on mounting assembly for better accuracy and repeatability
  • Less Expensive due to less civil construction required then Pit mounted weighbridge
  • Economically and easily maintained and service as entire deck is mounted above the ground level
  • Ribs are weilded continuously across I-beam which ensures extra strength to weighbridge deck.
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